If Covid won’t get us, hunger will, migrants say in video shared by Rahul Gandhi


Our lives have no value” is the abiding message from migrants in a short documentary Congress leader Rahul Gandhi released on social media on Saturday to drive home the message of human tragedy staring lakhs of Indian workers, returning home in the Covid-19 lockdown, in the face

The video captures heartbreaking images of men, women and children fatigued by hunger and scorching sun as they walk hundreds of kilometres in the urge to get home.

“The lockdown was announced without notice. First we thought it was for a day but then it kept on stretching. We couldn’t go out of the house nor did we have the money to feed ourselves. We paid Rs 2,500 rent a month in Ambala. There’s no dignity unless you pay rent. What could we have done?” said one of the members of a migrant family that had embarked on an arduous journey from Haryana’s Ambala to UP’s Jhansi.

“Please ferry us home. If you can do that for us we would be grateful,” says a woman of the family pointing to a child who had walked more than 100 km from Ambala to Delhi when Gandhi met them last week on Mathura road here.

Every member of the migrant household is heard saying they did not receive a rupee in their bank accounts despite promises of cash transfers by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Reminiscing demonetisation, a woman migrant said, “He (the PM) takes impromptu decisions and does not think about how the poorest will cope. Our lives have no value. The rich are sitting comfortably in their homes.


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